5 Reasons Why This Dry Shampoo Keeps Flying Off The Shelves

Here’re 5 reasons why the Day After Brush is the last dry shampoo you'll ever buy:

Capable Of Absorbing Oil Better Than Any Other Dry Shampoo

The Day After Brush absorbs oil up to 50% more efficiently than ordinary sprays.

We’ve spent the past 6 years researching all different dry shampoos, in order to create a product that you would like and want to use, plus the Day After Brush actually works compared to any other harmful aerosol dry shampoos that leave your roots greasy.

Clean Hair With No White Nasty Residue

You might be tired of never being able to go more than a day without washing your hair, as you end up having to deal with grease and oil buildup, white residue on clothes, and a damaged scalp.

The Day After Brush is designed to fix this problem. It’s made with a patent-pending blend of powders that soak up dirt, sweat, and oils from your hair without leaving a powdery residue or build-up that causes dullness.

More Days Without Washing

Did you know that over-washing your hair can cause it to lose volume, get oilier faster and take longer to grow?

The Day After Brush gives you the ability to fix your hair the very next day without the fear of looking oily, which will cut down your hair wash days to 1-2 times a week. In turn, you not only improve your hair care routine but your overall morning routine!

A Boost Of Texture & Volume

Hair can lose its bounce and after a night out, a long day at work, or even after an intense workout it can be hard to get your bounce back.

You can opt for an aerosol dry shampoo or baby powder, but none of these smell particularly nice and they all leave residue in your hair.

They are also unhealthy and unsafe to use.This is where the Day After Brush comes in to instantly cleanse, recondition and refresh your hair while adding bounce at the roots after just one application

Easy To Use & Travel-Friendly

What if you could have a travel-sized hair care product that "brushes" away all that oil and grease without having to wash, dry and style your hair?

We create the Day After Brush to help you feel like yourself in seconds. Perfect for a busy lifestyle every single time you are on the go. Literally an instant fix without the struggle.

What Makes Claire Day After Brush Stand Out?

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Not Your Average Dry Shampoo!

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