5 Reasons Why Not to Wash Your Hair Daily

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Generally speaking the amount of times you wash your hair is dependent on your hair type as well as other lifestyle factors, but what all experts agree on is that daily hair washing can be damaging to your overall scalp and hair health.

1. STRIPS HAIR OF NATURAL OILS Shampoo strips the important natural oils your scalp produces (that hydrates hair) leaving it flat and dull.

2. DRIES OUT SCALP Over-cleansing can lead to a dry scalp which results in dry hair (prone to breakage) , itching, persistent flaking and dandruff.

3. CAN LEAD TO GREASY HAIR Just like with your skin, stripping the scalp of moisture through excessive washing triggers an overproduction of oil to overcompensate for the loss leading to greasy hair.

4. FADES COLOR AND SHINE Toners and dyes eventually wash out so the best way to preserve your color and prevent the appearance of fading or brassiness is to wash less frequently. Also, the heat and minerals in shower water strips the color from hair strands - responsible for up to 80% of color fade. Less washing will preserve overall luster and shine of naturally nourished hair.

5. LESS DAMAGE DUE TO HEAT STYLING It is well known that heat styling tools (i.e. blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons), like daily hair washing, is extremely damaging to your hair. These tools strip your hair of natural oils and proteins along with drying out hair and causing breakage.

The Best Way to prolong your hair in between washes is to use The Day After Brush. Using it on clean hair can actually make your hair feel and look fresher for longer.

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