What Aerosol Dry Shampoo Is Doing To Your Hair

Posted by Michelle Kim on

I took a microscope camera to my hair just to see what it looks like when using aerosol dry shampoo and I was alarmed at what it looked like up close. I’m sharing this image of my scalp with everyone because sometimes it’s not easy to see what is causing itchiness, dryness and hair loss when we’re using products that everyone is raving about.

Several years ago, I started noticing multiple bald spots on my head so I took to Google to see what might be causing this severe reaction. I found that the mixture of harmful chemicals in aerosol cans and starches being sprayed onto the hair was causing build up on the pores and weakening the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out. Other reports of itchiness and flakiness were common because people were spraying this into their hair and going several days without washing. Ethanol, alcohol and butane are present in almost all aerosol dry shampoos. These are extremely toxic chemicals that people are leaving in their hair and scalp for days at a time, causing irreparable harm.

I’d like to take a moment to point out that the same chemicals wreaking havoc on your scalp and hair are also terrible for the environment. As I write this blog, we have unprecedented wildfires here in California and as global warming is becoming ever more severe, we must be careful of how we’re treating the environment. Every time you’re hitting the button on aerosol cans, you’re raising your carbon footprint.

So can we all agree to say bye-bye to aerosol dry shampoo and hello to the Day After Brush.

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